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Westbury Avenue Surgery: We would like your views

Dated: 26-Apr-16

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As you know, the JS Medical Practice started running the Westbury Avenue surgery in November 2015.

JS Medical Practice is currently one GP practice operating over 3 sites.

We provide primary medical services at two of our other practice sites:

Philip Lane in N15 and Park Lane in N17.

In order that we can provide the best service for our patients, we are looking to move our service at Westbury Avenue to one of our other two sites. This will mean the following for you:

  • Longer opening hours
  • A greater choice of surgery times
  • A greater choice of doctors, particularly more female doctors
  • A wider range of services, such as clinics for long term conditions, and physiotherapy
  • Modern premises
  • Free parking

However, we realise this will mean travelling a bit further for some patients and that some patients will prefer to remain at a practice near to where they live.

Philip/Park Lane patients - we realise that you may be concerned about having more patients at the surgery. However, we feel that the increased hours and availability of GPs will mean that it should not affect your experience of the surgery, except in a positive way, to provide you with greater choice.

We would like to consult our practice patients to hear their views, please leave any comments in the suggestion box or speak to one of our team. We may not be able to respond to individual comments however we will collate the responses and consider these with due process.

Philip Lane Main Branch
JS Medical Practice
107 Philip Lane
Haringey, London
N15 4JR

Patient Line 0208 808 7968
Fax Line 0208 885 3057

Park Lane Branch Surgery
JS Medical Practice
104-108 Park Lane
Tottenham, London
N17 0JP

Patient Line 0208 808 1868
Fax Line 0208 808 0341

Westbury Avenue Branch Surgery
JS Medical Practice
26 Westbury Avenue
Wood Green, London
N22 6RS

Patient Line 0208 888 3227
Fax Line 0208 829 9642

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