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Philip Lane Main Branch Surgery New Patients


Practice Boundary

We welcome new patients who reside within the practice catchment area. Every Haringey GP practice has a contractual boundary (catchment area with specific roads) with NHS North Central London, within which they can accept new patients.

In order for us to register you, please can you check that you are within our practice catchment area by telephoning the Surgery on 0208 808 7968. Alternatively,view a list of the roads within our practice boundary that we accept for new patient registration.


Provided you reside within our practice catchment area and are eligible to register with our practice, you will be asked to complete a GMS1 form and Adult Health questionnaire (aged 18+)  or Child Health questionnaire (aged <18)  for each person registering with the Practice. 

You will also be required to complete a Summary Care Record patient consent preference form

Please email or post these along with your required ID (see below) to: 

Please note that this email is not for two way communication.

Required ID

To confirm that you do reside within our practice catchment area, we will ask you to provide proof of address.

Examples of Proof of Address:

  • Utility Bill (i.e. Gas, Electricity, Phone bill)
  • Bank Statements

Please note that all new patients must provide ID eg. Passport, Driving Licence, NHS Card or Birth Certificate as well as a recent proof of address eg utility bill. Failure to provide these will delay your registration with this surgery.

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We welcome feedback from our patients. You can view what patients are saying about JS Medical Practice online at:

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How do I register as a temporary resident with a GP?

If you are not registered with a GP but need to see one, you can get emergency treatment at any GP surgery. If you need treatment for more than 14 days, you will need to register with that GP surgery as a temporary or permanent patient. 

The surgery will ask you to complete a Temporary services form GMS3

You can register as a temporary resident if you plan to live near the GP surgery for up to three months. After three months you will have to apply to register with that surgery as a permanent resident.

You can register temporarily with a GP surgery while away from home for work, study or on holiday. You'll remain registered with your permanent GP surgery. 

The temporary GP surgery will pass details of any treatment you have to your permanent GP surgery. They will add the information to your medical records. 

If your application to become a temporary patient is refused, you can still receive emergency treatment for up to 14 days. 

What information do I need? 

Try to have the following information with you when you see a temporary GP for the first time: 
  • details of any medical conditions you have 
  • details of medical conditions you've had in the past
  • the name of any medicines you're currently taking
  • details of anything you're allergic to
  • contact details for your permanent or previous GP surgery
  • your NHS number